No Son Cubanos

Translation: they are not Cuban!

It is with a lot of freshness, sun and enthusiasm that No Son Cubanos delivers their passion for Cuban music.

With a vast repertoire tinged with humor, the trio brilliantly perform traditional Cuban songs as well as multiple adaptations of classical (Mozart, Beethoven) or modern music (U2, Coldplay), giving you the urge to dance or find yourself on a beach.

The musicians perform music from all horizons and put their own flavour into it. Their show quickly becomes a big party. Through their music, spectators live a moment worthy of a moonlit evening on the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

An evening with No Son Cubanos is reminiscent of a holiday in the south, or a moonlit evening in a Caribbean club.

They are available for all your events: festivals, holiday parties, dance evenings and dinner shows.

A must for your next festival!



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